Savonor in association with “we are all involved” association has started the project of planting trees all over the country. Each year, this initiative conducted by Jadot Nkurunziza, a true passionate nature lover, involves the participation of young people from different areas in an effort to preserve the nature and the environment.


Nacham Africa is a local non-profit organization that helps the vulnerable in hospitals. Each year, in partnership with Savonor, a field visit is made to provide both material and financial assistance to vulnerable patients in public hospitals.


Launched since 2018, the industrial fair, sponsored in large part by Savonor, is a large-scale event in Burundi that brings together several companies both local and from abroad to exchange on different experiences as well as explore investment opportunities with the sole aim of concluding partnerships.


The fair entitled “Made in Burundi” is part of Savonor’s major sponsorship programs. Each year, in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BFCCI) and the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA), this fair calls on several local companies to promote their products and services through an exhibition-sale.

Salon industriel 2021

At the opening of the 4th edition of the Industrial Show, Savonor received the trophy of “largest employer” by the Prime Minister, CPG Alain Guillaume BUNYONI coinciding with the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the AIB

Official opening on Thursday 26/08/2021 of the 4th edition of the industrial exhibition organized by the AIB under the theme “a dynamic and responsible industrial sector, committed to increasing exports and creating jobs.